Attendees: 16,000 VOLUNTEERS

VIPs: 2,000

Dan Bolton’s team designed and produced the FIFA Volunteers Orientation event, which celebrated the 16,000 new volunteers from around the world and showcased their unique uniforms. The event was held at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar, the venue for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Dan oversaw every aspect of the event, from the VIP protocol management plan to the event operations and management plan.

The team crafted a stunning, thematic stage design that perfectly complemented the interactivity and celebration of the event.

The program was rich with heady choreographed performances and grand ambassadorial speeches, creating a unique experience for all attendees.
Dan and his team ensured that the event was a huge success, with efficient operations and management that catered to the needs of all the volunteers and VIPs in attendance. From the carefully curated invites to the eye-catching layout, every detail was crafted with high-level ceremonial awareness.

The FIFA Volunteers Orientation event was a memorable occasion that showcased Dan’s expertise in designing and producing large-scale events with a unique touch.