Dan Bolton's extensive experience in executing major events globally makes him a valuable asset in the world of ceremonies, large-scale live events, and broadcast. Through his work in major events such as Olympic Ceremonies, the Asian Games and the FIFA World Cup, Dan has gained integral knowledge and experience which is unmatched.

Global Collective

His passion for global events and the realization that major events can be delivered differently has led him to form the Special Projects Team, which is a global collective of professionals who are dedicated to reimagining and delivering major events in innovative ways.

World-Class Events

Overall, Dan Bolton is a seasoned professional in the events industry and his work with the Special Projects Team showcases his commitment to delivering innovative and world-class events in a constantly evolving industry.

A Voice In The Region

During the pandemic, Dan became a voice in the region for what the future of events would look like in this new world order. With his extensive experience and deep understanding of the events industry, Dan has been able to provide valuable insights and guidance on how events can be adapted to the new normal, while still providing a world-class experience for audiences.